Japanese Course for JLPT: N5 Kanji Character Stroke Order

日本語能力試験(JLPT)対策 N5レベルの漢字の書き順

“Japanese Course for JLPT: N5 Kanji Character Stroke Order” is a learning video for beginners of the Japanese language. You can learn and practice 110 JLPT N5 level Kanji stroke orders. It focuses on how to write the correct stroke orders. It is easy to understand because it is explained with animation. The learning materials include a writing practice textbook PDF file that can be printed so that learners can practice writing N5 kanji characters while watching the video.

Course Curriculum

  • 01

    外国人のための日本語 N5レベルの漢字の書き順 N5 Kanji Character Stroke Order Learning Course for Foreign Learners

    • まずお読みください。コースの概要と説明 Please read this note! The overviews and the contents this course.

    • kanji_textbook

  • 02

    N5レベルの漢字の書き順(Japanese N5 Kanji Character writing)

    • Introduction

    • Kanji coming from pictures

    • Numbers

    • Directions

    • Kanji of human body

    • Kanji of persons

    • Kanji of weekdays

    • Kanji often used in school

    • Kanji of time

    • Basic adjective

    • Basic Verb

    • Basic Noun